What Formats Can I Watch?

Samsung usually has two versions of their phones, so determining what format your phone can play will depend on where it was purchased. The Galaxy S10 can play 2300p VR videos. All other Samsung phones are split into two groups:

  1. Phones bought in the US, China, Canada, and Japan should be able to play 1920p VR videos.
  2. Phones bought anywhere else in the world should be able to play 2300p VR videos, though older ones may heat up quickly when trying to play high-resolution videos.

Watch Streaming Videos

  • Open up your web browser of choice
  • Navigate to the website you wish to stream from (www.wankitnowvr.com, www.zexyvr.com)
  • Click the member login link and enter your username and password
  • Scroll or search for the video you want to watch and click on it
  • On the video page click the play button in the centre of the picture and the video will start to stream automatically
  • Watch Downloaded Videos
  • If you have a preferred player app, you can use that to play downloaded videos offline. There are a few well known third-party player apps available. We recommend DeoVR

Deo VR player for Samsung Gear VR

  • Log in to WankItNowVR Member’s area and download a Gear VR video
  • Download Deo VR for Gear VR and launch
  • Open file
  • Click SBS on the left
  • Click 180° on the right