If you are using Playstation VR (PSVR) then the RAD app (previously LittlStar) is what you will use to watch VR videos on our sites. The browser built into the PlayStation console does not play VR video properly.

Getting Started with RAD

You will need to get the app from the PlayStation Store and install it on your PlayStation console and create an account. If you open up https://rad.live/signup you can create your RAD account. 

What Formats Can I View?

We encode formats specifically for the PSVR and they can be found next to, or underneath the video. All PS4 versions (original / Slim / Pro) should all have the same capabilities for playing VR videos. 

Watch Downloaded Videos

To watch downloaded videos on your PlayStation you will need to use a computer to download them and a USB drive to transfer the files to your PlayStation.

  • Insert an exFAT formatted USB drive into a USB slot on your PC. Open the drive using File Explorer and create a new directory called "LITTLSTAR" (The directory must be called LITTLSTAR still, even with RAD)
  • On your  computer, using your favourite web browser, navigate to the website you wish to download from (www.wankitnowvr.com, www.zexyvr.com)
  • Click the Member Login link and enter your username and password
  • Scroll or search for the video you want to download and click on it
  • On the video, page select your Device type
  • Choose your resolution and download the file to your computer
  • Copy or move the downloaded file to your correctly formatted USB drive. Videos must be located in the "LITTLSTAR" directory
  • Turn on your Playstation
  • Open the RAD app from the TV & Video area of the main menu or from the Library
  • Turn on your PSVR headset
  • Plug your USB into your console
  • The RAD main menu includes a “Library” option. Select Library, then “Sideloaded”, then the applicable USB drive listed on the screen. Select the desired video file from the thumbnails listed on the screen.