We do everything we can with our servers to ensure customers get the best possible experience, we're sorry to hear you're having speed-related problems. If you have tried everything in your streaming issues article, your problem may be related to one of our servers or a network issue between our content servers and your ISP.  

In order to try and establish what is happening here, please could you provide the following info:

  • What country are you in?
  • What device are you using (e.g. Desktop / tablet / mobile / etc.)?
  • Can you please tell us your public ip address? If you don’t know how to get it - click here.
  • What Operating System and browser are you using?
  • What quality are you attempting to download the content in?
  • What is your connection type (e.g. ADSL, Fibre, Cable, 3/4G, etc.) Is this only 1 specific video, or any video (if one, which one)?
  • Go to speedtest.net, run a test, and forward us the URL of the results. 
    Forward the "Web" Results.
  • Do a traceroute to ‘the URL of the website you're having problems with - i.e "www.wankitnow.com" , and send us the results. If you are not sure how to do a traceroute, please check out this page.

Once you have this data feel free to submit a ticket with all this information, we will investigate and if necessary forward it over to our service providers.